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Talent Consulting

TYGES Talent Consulting will help clients grow and develop their talent. We're committed to supporting our client's needs through in-house assessment of talent, talent and business coaching and talent development.  TYGES Talent Consulting consists of three core elements:
  • Assess candidates and current talent for best-fit opportunities 
  • Coach talent to help them achieve their business and professional goals
  • Develop together with other leaders through public and private learning opportunities

Our team has the first-hand experience in many areas of talent consulting and a proven track record of results. Whether we're involved in planning and executing a new program, helping you select the right candidate, or providing consulting, we're here to advise you on the best ways to anticipate and react to change.

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Talent Assessment 

• Candidate Assessment: Hiring a new employee is one of the most difficult tasks for managers. We distribute assessments to measure a final candidate’s natural traits and abilities to create a greater likelihood of success in a role based on the critical competencies needed for your organization.
• Competency Modeling: Want to successfully match people to specific roles, even as those requirements change and evolve? We guide organizations through identifying a set of competencies for each role in your organization. Competencies are observable, measurable skills and behaviors that contribute to workplace effectiveness and career success.
• Role Benchmarking and Modeling: In order to know where your organization is going, you need to measure and analyze performance. We partner with your organization to assess people in their current roles, understand their current level of success and model an ideal profile of those who are successful in those roles.
• Job Descriptions w/ Responsibilities and Expectations: Are you attracting the right candidates for a role? We work with you to create thorough job descriptions based on the needs of your organization and the position. This exercise combines competencies, role modeling, and specific functions of a role to lead to clear expectations to manage performance.
• Performance Management: A broad performance management system can play a strategic role in attracting and retaining employees. We consult with you on the timing, frequency, and method of managing performance which leads to talent planning, succession planning, top talent programs, and compensation reviews.
• Talent Planning: To make sure your organization hires the best people to successfully operate, you’ll need a strategic plan. We assess the process, format, and frequency of reviewing talent to meet current and future business needs. The outcomes help create a foundation to build critical talent management processes including talent acquisition, succession management, leadership development, and performance management.
• Succession Planning: Your process should accurately predict who will succeed and ensure that talent is being properly developed. We help identify and develop leaders who have the potential to fill critical business roles in an organization. This happens through the process of evaluating talent, understanding development opportunities, providing ongoing coaching and training to get them ready for the roles identified.

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Coaching at TYGES Talent Consulting is all about the person being coached and those areas that they want to work on to achieve success in their personal and professional life. It’s our commitment to carefully guide them through a journey of self-development to reach their goals.

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Talent Development

• Leadership Development: Having a solid framework for leadership development is the answer to achieve organizational success. We work with you in a classroom environment to educate, develop, and raise the awareness of the skills needed to be a successful leader. This can be onsite with an entire group of associates from a single company or offsite with leaders from various organizations and industries.
• Team Development: Trying to figure out why teams fail to achieve their goals and aren’t contributing to the success of your organization? We recommend company-specific learning targeted at bringing associates closer together to create more dynamic teams that produce greater business results. Everyone brings unique skills, abilities, experiences, and perspectives. Understanding and valuing these in teammates is critical to success.

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