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TYGES can implement a turnkey recruitment process outsourcing solution for you that has proven to deliver qualified, compatible candidates while reducing costs and meeting critical timelines. The increased efficiencies of our full-service solutions enable our clients to focus on their core competencies.

TYGES has built and sustained its exemplary reputation by creating world-class processes that are scalable, measurable, and help our clients meet and exceed their strategic objectives.

We have the answer

TYGES' recruitment process will deliver the best solution for our clients. Results experienced by our clients include:
  • Access to higher caliber talent
  • Reduction in overall recruitment costs
  • Reporting - EEOC / OFCCP compliance
  • Reporting - Specific and measurable performance on process
  • Consistent interview structure
  • Candidate management/employment brand perception
  • Relocation support and assistance
  • Improved diversity initiatives
  • Ability to overcome geographic obstacles
  • Increased productivity

Delivering your competitive advantage

TYGES' solutions are flexible and can be adapted to fit each company's organizational structure and culture. By leveraging our broad knowledge of industry best practices and extensive network, we deliver the talent that is your company's sustainable competitive advantage.

TYGES assumes ultimate accountability for each project's success; therefore a complete staff is fully trained to gain a complete understanding of each client's mission, products/services, and benefits. This allows our staff to communicate messages about each client and identify the most compatible candidates.

Interested in implementing a proven, guaranteed hiring solution that you will deliver your company's competitive advantage? Contact us today!