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"Without you, I would not have considered them [employer] and that I'm so glad you helped make this connection because it sounds like a good fit."

"Thanks for your support which helped me solidify where I wanted to go during my transition. It helped me get to a very good place, and I truly appreciated our interactions."

"Thank you so much for all your help in this major job decision!  It is people like you that really do make the difference."

"I appreciate your follow up and your promptness.  You told me that you would call and let me know the status of the opportunity – and you did.  That’s not something you see very often in your profession." 

In a recent search for a VP Sales & Marketing position, a candidate complimented Ariel on his level of professionalism and institutional knowledge of the field in which she worked.  She stated that TYGES, as a whole, was the most professional executive recruiting organization, with whom she had worked. She further stated that it was refreshing to be called about an opportunity that actually aligned with her skill-set and that she would recommend to her own company and any colleague who was looking to contact TYGES International for their recruiting needs.

"Wanted to let all of you know how much I enjoyed working with this organization. Everyone I interacted with during my search for a new career opportunity showed extreme professionalism, yet, each conversation had a personal touch. A refreshing experience, THANK YOU!"

"Thank you very much for calling me this afternoon.  I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Looking for new opportunities is never easy but people like you make the process way more pleasant and hopeful."

"Throughout the recruiting process, I was confident in Chris's expert knowledge and guidance, as he provided pointers along every step of the process. He was especially helpful in keeping strong communication between my new employer and I. There were no surprises along the way and expectations were discussed early. For that reason, it was the least stressful interview process I have ever experienced."

"God has blessed you with a great gift. You are extremely talented at what you do."

"From initial contact to coordinating interviews, through negotiations...she was there providing support, answering questions, and helping to prepare me for the next step. Katrina ranks as the top recruiter with whom I've worked over my career and I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring recruiting services. For hiring needs, she would be the first recruiter I would call in the future."

"Good morning. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I was just talking to my dad, telling him how grateful I am for this job. I am very fortunate to have a great territory with a great company. I wouldn't be here if you hadn't called. Thank you, Steve. My numbers this year should be double what this territory was last year. So you're looking pretty good too. Thanks for everything."

"A client called us in a panic.  They were being audited by the EEO and did not have all their data in order – they asked me if had the data and due to our intentional systems & processes and our tracking of everything, we were able to fill in a lot of holes they had to pass the audit."

"My absolute favorite placement took place just a few months ago.  The BCBA had relocated to Virginia from Pennsylvania for a job with another company.  She was promised full-time work with healthcare benefits, etc.  When she got there, she was only given about 15 hours per week – not full-time status and definitely not enough to pay her bills.  Also, because she wasn’t considered a full-time employee (even though she had been promised that) she wasn’t given health benefits.  I called her out of the blue one day recruiting for a position.  She told me her story and I told her about my opportunity.  She was in tears.  Said she was thinking she was going to have to pack up at age 30-something and move back in with her parents in Pennsylvania and she felt like such a failure.  Her first big foray out into the wide world had been a disaster.  She told me she thanked God every day that I had called her when I did.  She got the job and is now happily working full time in Virginia with a full-time salary and health benefits."

"Thank you so much for the Starbuck's coffee...but thank you more for all you did to get me the best job ever. I am still pinching myself that I am getting paid for something I truly loved. Next time I am in Richmond I am taking you to dinner."

"It was a "Godsend" when Victoria called."

"Thank you for your follow-up...Even though this didn't work out, I do want to express my appreciation for your review and consideration of me for this position.  I appreciate your honesty and candor, rare qualities in today's world."

"Charlotte, this is great for the folks you introduced to us.  You must be pleased to see your placements being promoted.  Thank you for the tremendous support!"